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About Us

Dr. Shauna Mazique:

drsnewDr. Shauna Mazique grew up in Bellefontaine, Ohio. During her adolescent and teenage years, she was very active in many sports, especially basketball. Towards the end of her freshman year in high school, Dr. Mazique found herself unable to run down the court and couldn’t continue in the game. She saw a family friend who happened to be a chiropractor the next day. After her first adjustment, she already had relief and continued to use chiropractic to keep her on the court throughout the rest of high school and college.

When she was a sophomore in college Dr. Mazique spoke with her family chiropractor about becoming a chiropractor. After some extensive research, she decided she would attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa after attaining her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Sports Medicine in 1999. In June 2005 Dr. Mazique graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic magna cum laude and began practicing in Kingstree, SC. In September 2013 Dr. Mazique closed the office in Kingstree and open Florence Spine and Nerve.

Dr. Mazique believes that an informed decision is the best decision for a patient to make regarding their health care. She makes sure she is providing each individual patient with all the facts about their specific health concerns. To continue her purpose of informing others on health and wellness, Dr. Mazique provides free health presentations to local groups, organizations, and businesses. She covers a wide variety of topics, from the benefits of getting outdoors and being active, to staying fit while working at a job with long hours of sitting. Dr. Mazique also provides a free resource page on health and wellness on Facebook. This page has information on nutrition, natural health remedies, healthy recipes, exercises, stretches, and much more. To follow the page on Facebook click here and click like. In the drop-down box of the “like” button, select see first to make sure you don’t miss any of this valuable information.